The answers to the main questions if you are planning on visiting Florence

Comfort, well-being and health remain our top priority. While the world is tackling an unprecedented health crisis, we have implemented special measures to guarantee safety during your visit to the Brunelleschi.

We want our guests to feel safe. We understand that you may feel hesitant about booking a trip or a stay at the moment, but we are ready to welcome and offer you an upgraded experience during your stay.

We stay constantly up to date on the latest developments in the coronavirus situation and we are ready to take further steps, if necessary. Our team is and will always be well prepared to manage situations like this one and we have the utmost faith in their abilities.

Measures for worry-free travel plans

  • Flexible cancellation and modification policies

Additional measures for the hygiene and safety of guests

In addition to the daily cleaning of all the areas of the hotel, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Frequent airing of communal spaces and rooms;
  • Weekly sanitisation of the air filters and cleaning of the air conditioning systems;
  • Availability of sanitiser gel dispensers at the entrance/exit of the hotel, in the communal areas and at the entrance to the restrooms, restaurants and breakfast rooms;
  • Cleaning, cleansing and sanitisation of the gym and restrooms in the communal areas multiple times a day based on guest use;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces multiple times a day using a EN 14476 virucidal product, with extra-special care taken over objects that may be frequently touched, such as lift buttons, handrails, switches and door handles;
  • Staff training updates on any new regulations;
  • Sanitisation of the bedrooms and suites after every departure. The room or suite will not be occupied for the next 24 hours;
  • Ironing procedure of the bed and bath linen at a temperature above 182 degrees /360 fahrenheit followed by fully automated packaging, with no human contact;
  • At any departure we change the mattress cover and the pillow cover; the pillow cover is antibacterial, breathable, waterproof to keep the pillow protected from human fluids;
  • All room surfaces are sanitised with a solution of sodium hypochlorite or with 70% ethyl alcohol for surfaces which are susceptible to damage by sodium hypochlorite;
  • Use of masks and gloves by cleaning staff and catering outlets;
  • In order to minimize contact by having different housekeepers attend to different rooms, the housekeeping staff will be assigned to the same rooms every day.

Measures for social distancing

  • Waiters will always wear masks when serving at tables;
  • Availability of check-in on-line;
  • Distancing with partitions at the reception for check-in and check-out at the counter;
  • Protective barrier at the reception/concierge counter;
  • The maintenance of at least one meter / 3.28 ft of separation between the seats of the breakfast rooms and restaurants is guaranteed;
  • Breakfast served at tables or in rooms with the utmost care and attention over hygiene regulations.

Measures for the safety of our team

  • We avoid shaking hands, kissing one another on the cheek and hugs;
  • We wash our hands frequently, use disinfectant and encourage our guests to do the same;
  • Availability of sanitiser gel dispensers;
  • Smart working;
  • Water dispensers with disposable cups in the back office;
  • Training courses for staff on safety procedures;
  • Presence of a Covid Manager, guaranteeing the application of the safety protocols;
  • Supply of kits with masks, gloves and sanitiser gel;
  • Sanitisation of the office once a day, of frequently touched tools and workstations at the end of each shift;
  • Sanitisation of the changing rooms and back offices once a day;
  • Sanitisation of the lifts once a day;
  • Availability of a digital thermometer for measuring temperatures.