The heart of the Hotel Brunelleschi

A family gift

June 12, 2015

I was really young when I started to take the first steps in the world of restaurants.

My dear Maternal Grandfather, Great Master of the Catering and very famous in Sicily because he directed several catering luxury facilities, he carried with him during his work mostly because he wanted me to have fun and eat well at the same time!

Over the years, he noticed that instead of having fun I get passionate more and more to observe the waiters dressed in tails and white gloves waving a professional cutlery to serve the guests and carefully followed the Maître who led them during the service. Often, during the great dinners, I entered through the large kitchens and in the majestic halls and I observed step by step everything was happening. I state that the best information on my work have been acquired only by stealing the craft through the eyes and without make me noticing, because both the Maître that the waiters were very jealous of their work.

The waiter is not a job like everyone else, you have to do it with the right passion.

I really love this job because it gives you the emotions that other jobs cannot give you. In contrast, there is the sacrifice to give up a bit of freedom, especially during peak periods.

I can say I met the world during my work experience. To name a few, I had the fortune to serve: Hillary Clinton, Kofi Annan during the G8 summit held in Sicily, the King of Spain Juan Carlos, Victor Emmanuel of Savoy and his son Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Tenzin Gyatso, Tibetan Buddhist and XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet, many Heads of Italian State, a lot of actors like Richard Gere, Silvester Stallone, Alberto Sordi, Carlo Verdone, Raoul Bova and many others. I also served singers as Baglioni, Venditti and Ramazzotti. Of course, I keep in my jealous archive all photos taken with these great characters. To me all this is even a more reason to love this work.

Moreover, I love also to be able to satisfy the most demanding Guests, so let them fully satisfied. For me, the guest is sacred, and for Sacred I mean that everything that my Guest asks it be heard. I always teach my boys certain concepts to make successful their work. I will mention some important:
– Never say NO!
– Smile and empathy and, at the same time, dignity.

After several experiences in different places, in recent years I have had the honor of serving Hilton, the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea in Sicily with three restaurants and two bars. Then, I choose the Hotel Brunelleschi to expand my wealth of personal knowledge, enrich it with new experiences and grow professionally. Florence offers an enormous gastronomic experience and the food and wine culture and Tuscan was missing in my mosaic. The Hotel Brunelleschi is important and special in a wonderful city like Florence. The particular location is hidden but, as soon as the customer sees outside the hotel, it remains excited and intrigued to come…and we are here to welcome him with joy.

Alessandro Recupero
Restaurant Managerat the Hotel Brunelleschi

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