Eating and Drinking in Florence Italy

A meeting with the Restaurant Manager of the Hotel Brunelleschi

October 13, 2014

Today we present you the new Restaurant Manager at the Hotel Brunelleschi: Alessandro Recupero.

 – In what your job consists of?

Alessandro Recupero: I arrived at the Hotel Brunelleschi as Restaurant Manager and I am responsible for total management of the F & B services, banquet facilities and catering.

– Your CV in a few words? Why choose the Hotel Brunelleschi?

Alessandro Recupero: There is much to say but I quote only the last name that I have had the honor of serving: Hilton, at the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea in Sicily with three restaurants and two bars. I chose the Hotel Brunelleschi to extend my personal baggage, to enrich it with new experiences and grow professionally. Florence offers a huge gastronomic experience and Tuscan gastronomic culture missing in my mosaic. The Hotel Brunelleschi is important and special in a wonderful city like Florence. The particular location is hidden but, once the customer see the exterior of the hotel, it remains excited and intrigued to enter.

– If the Hotel Brunelleschi was a song?

Alessandro Recupero: It would be a romantic song that sweetens the special moments of our guests.

– Your motto?

Alessandro Recupero: Never change a winning team.

A meeting with the Restaurant Manager of the Hotel Brunelleschi

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