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American Dreamers in Florence

February 1, 2012
American Dreamers in Florence

American Dreamers in Florence, or “American Dreamers. Reality and imagination in contemporary art” is an exhibition of contemporary art that lands in our country since the period immediately preceding the next spring. The event will be hosted at the Strozzina, the Center for Contemporary Culture at the Palazzo Strozzi, on Friday, March 9th to Sunday, July 15th, 2012, with opening on Thursday, March 8th from 18:00. American Dreamers in Florence is a fascinating and exciting event, a must for all lovers of art and culture and ideal for those who wish to approach, for the first time, in a captivating world. It is also an ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a wonderful weekend in a wonderful city, choosing to stay at the Brunelleschi Hotel, the charming 4-star hotel located in Piazza Santa Elisabetta.

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American Dreamers in Florence is a job that starts with a basic question and clear: Does the “American dream” still exist? From this question, the viewer is swept into an exciting journey full of surprises, an itinerary based on imagination and fantasy, through which are outlined possible alternative worlds to the difficulties of the present. This is because American Dreamers in Florence was born during a turbulent period, a new phase began with the terrorist attacks of September 11th and not yet closed, marked by financial difficulties and the economic and social imbalances. These are the reflections at the base of many creations that we can observe at the Strozzina, through which many artists have sought to stress on the centrality of the American dream in the eternal happy ending. So, some works expand outwards into space, others feed on fantastic, dreamlike images or reflect on such symbolic themes as the home and the family which play even today a central role in the construction of the myth of the American way of life.

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American Dreamers in Florence  is organised by the CCC Strozzina in conjunction with the Hudson River Museum (Yonkers, New York, USA) and curated by Bartholomew F. Bland. It can be visited on payment from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00, the entrance is free on Thursday from 18:00 to 23:00. The best way to cap off this wonderful journey into the world of art and international culture is to treat yourself to a peaceful and relaxing stay, such as that guaranteed by the Brunelleschi Hotel. The reduced distance from the scene of the event, just four hundred meters, make it an ideal place for a relaxing evening in the company’s culture. In addition, the elegance of the hotel rooms, the professional staff, the great chef’s cooking and the many services available will eventually make your holiday unforgettable, as well as the American Dreamers in Florence.

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American Dreamers in Florence

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