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Americans in Florence Exhibition

January 4, 2012

Americans in Florence – Sargent and the Impressionists of the New World is a splendid exhibition which will be on display at Palazzo Strozzi from Saturday, March 3rd until Sunday, July 15th, 2012. The prestigious artistic event is organized by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, by Francesca Bardazzi and Carlo Sisi just in 2012, that is to say exactly 500 years since the death of Amerigo Vespucci, Americans in Florence is an event of high artistic caliber to enjoy the best by giving yourself a memorable stay at the Brunelleschi, the 4-star hotel located in the heart of the city, in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, just 400 meters from Piazza Strozzi, in front of the eponymous palace that will house the exhibition.

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Americans in Florence is a great work which aims to celebrate the bond between Old and New continent, and make to know the cosmopolitan group that allowed the connection between the Tuscan capital and new lands through the transmission of European culture and knowledge. The exhibition explores the American impressionists’ relationship with Italy, and with Florence in particular, in the decades spanning the close of the 19th and dawn of the 20th centuries. Americans in Florence reconstructs a sort of influx of artistic character that moves from America to Europe’s major cities of France, Germany, England, Spain, Holland and, of course, Florence. And just the works of the American Impressionist painters who came to Italy will be exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi. Among these we recommend Winslow Homer, William Morris Hunt, John La Farge, Thomas Eakins and precursors such as John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

Americans in Florence: the charm of the exhibition marries with the elegance of the Brunelleschi

Americans in Florence not only aims to rebuild the bond that binds specifically painting the New World with the Tuscan capital, but rather it defines an exciting journey to the discovery of a unique cultural exchange that took place in our land. If the Italians taught the Americans the modern contemporary Italian painting, they had a certain impact on Italian artists and thinkers, introducing sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyles and adopting a more relaxed attitude towards women. An ideal place to complete a journey to the discover of the Italian and international cultural history is the Brunelleschi Hotel, the magnificent 4-star hotel located in the heart of the city and that will be able to catch you with its impeccable services, luxurious and comfortable rooms, excellent cuisine and the unforgettable scenery. Choose the Brunelleschi for the Americans in Florence exhibition.

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