The heart of the Hotel Brunelleschi

Cuddles for guests

December 15, 2016

I was born in Bucharest and I am living in Italy for about fifteen years. I started working at the breakfasts because I always liked to be in contact with people and cuddle guests with every their need at an important moment as the beginning of the day. I do not have professional qualifications but the passion for this work has always filled me with desire to learn and it took me a lot of satisfaction over time.

Every morning, as soon as I arrive, I take stock of the situation about the number of guests who we will be hosting at breakfast and any special requirements of each customer; then I proceed with the preparation of the buffet. I particularly love this moment because I like that everything is in order and I think at the time when the guests will arrive and they could relax in choosing what they prefer.

At the arrival of the guests I take care of every detail and every particular need. I really enjoy being in contact with the clients, interact with them and always satisfy a special request. For example, if I know that a guest will stay for more than one night I try to remember what he preferred to drink in order to remember it the next day.

The Brunelleschi is a special place, it always gives me special emotions to its particular location, but it also gives you the opportunity to make new experiences and grow, thanks to the work and cooperation of all my colleagues.

I love to spend my free time dedicating it to myself, discovering the city in all its more particular aspects and taking care of my person. I invite everyone to discover the hidden corner of the historic centre where it is the Brunelleschi. You will be immediately fascinated and intrigued by the Pagliazza tower, which is the front facade of our hotel, and it gets the urge to go in and find out what is inside. I think it is a place to sleep at least once in your life, perhaps for a special occasion and you will remain satisfied with the excellence of the services offered.

Andreina Cascarade
Breakfast Head Waiter

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