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Arturo Brachetti in Florence in Ciak si gira!

October 28, 2011

Arturo Brachetti in Florence will capture the attention of the audience with his latest show entitled “Ciak si gira!”, divided into six evenings and scheduled at the Teatro Verdi, from Saturday 15th to Thursday, November 20th. The beginning of the show is set for 20:45 hours; on Sundays instead, starting from 16:45. The Tuscan stage will see at work an actor, director, comedian, but especially an Italian quick-change actor, protagonist of a real one-man show with one of the greatest passions of the artist: cinema. Arturo Brachetti in Florence will project ourselves into an enveloping show, the same that you can experience by choosing a stay at the Brunelleschi Hotel, in the heart of the city.

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Arturo Brachetti in Florence is a work based on the extremely talented actor from Turin, on the scene since 1978, and internationally acclaimed as one of the greatest contemporary quick-change actor, able to interpret eighty different characters in a single show. “Ciak si gira!” is directed by Serge Denoncourt, and it is a journey into the wonder of the seventh art. Arturo Brachetti in Florence creates a show full of magic, illusion, wonder, amarcord, playing characters entered in the collective imagination of each one of us, from Zorro to Maciste, from Mary Poppins to Cruella de Vil, from Nosferatu to Lon Chaney, from Charlie Chaplin to Gene Kelly, from Gollum to Liza Minnelli, from Harry Potter to E.T., from Darth Vader to King Kong, cowboys, pirates and adventurers.

All the magic of Arturo Brachetti in Florence

Arturo Brachetti in Florence embodies the meeting between art and magic, the same that you can experience staying in the exclusive rooms of the Brunelleschi Hotel. Ninety-five elegant proposals characterized by maximum comfort, impeccable service and breathtaking scenery of Brunelleschi’s Dome, Via dei Calzaiuoli, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Unmissable opportunities to admire the splendour of an enchanted world, staying in beautiful residences, capable of preserving the ancient flavour within a modern and functional setting, and with all comforts of modern life.

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