Boutique hotel in Florence

May 20, 2013

The unique and original style designed by architect Benelli makes the Hotel Brunelleschi a perfect example of boutique hotel in Florence. The philosophy behind the work of renovation of the property was to create an image inspired to the nineteenth century which, however, crosses time and arrives until today, blending with contemporary needs and tastes. The guest must perceive and appreciate the original architecture but he must feel in his time. For this reason, everything has been custom designed.

Boutique hotel in Florence historic centre

In order to perceive the presence of Florence inside the rooms, the walls are decorated with paintings representing the main monuments and the glass doors of the bathrooms have been coated with a special design of the Pazzi Chapel, designed by Brunelleschi. Some rooms have spectacular views over the Brunelleschi’s dome or Giotto’s Bell Tower, or watch the pretty square of Giglio. Everything has been thought and designed to achieve a look very Italian and Florentine, starting from the gables above the doors of rooms which go back to the Renaissance archetypes of the nineteenth century. The design of the rooms follows the decorative schemes of the late nineteenth century, with wooden floors oak casks specially cut in non-standard measures, treated walls with whitewashing and decorated with panels and stucco, very high ceilings. In the bathroom, the marble facing of the walls is made ​​of travertine, while the floors are in marble with sections marked by mosaics of silver glass.

The attention to detail in our boutique hotel in Florence

The bed in a room is the fundamental optical core and plays an important role within the space. The beds of the new rooms have high headboards in velvet, flanked by the two sides mirror, or a half canopy wall of a light transparent fabric. The colors chosen are three sober and relaxing shades: a plum purple (the color of Florence), a light green and a taupe. The fabrics were produced in Como and dyed especially in Prato, as there are no commercially textiles prepared. At the bottom of the bed there are foot warmer of the same color lining. The mattresses are the best on the market, the Heavenly Bed by Simmons, with 4 pillows. Curtains, of a very heavy taffeta, frame the windows where the light is filtered by Venetian wooden slats silver, stiff but precious. All the furniture was designed by the architect, from beds to chairs, from the spacious walk-in closets with small tables in steel, leather and mirror.

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Boutique hotel in Florence

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