The Month's Recipe

Chianti Rabbit

July 15, 2011

Here is the recipe proposed this month by our Chef Simone Bertaccini. Discover this and many other Tuscan typical dishes at Restaurant Santa Elisabetta located inside the Hotel Brunelleschi, a stone’s throw from the Duomo of Florence.


1 rabbit
2 onions
2 celeries
1 carrot
3 garlic cloves
1 dl extra virgin olive oil
One sprig of rosemary and sage
4 ripe tomatoes
½ liter red wine
½ liter vegetable broth
Some Tuscan olives to taste
Salt and pepper and vegetable broth


Cut the rabbit into pieces, add salt and pepper and lay a few sprigs of sage and rosemary on, and let it rest for at least half an hour. Meanwhile cut the vegetables into julienne strips (sliced very thin), brown them in the oil until they are well dried. Apart brown the rabbit pieces until they are golden on all sides, add to the vegetables, add the washed and cut into pieces tomatoes without skin. Chop a little bit of the remaining sprig of herbs and add it to the rabbit and sprinkle with the wine a little at a time until it is finished. At the end of the wine add the broth and cook for about 40 minutes at moderate heat stirring occasionally, add the olives to taste.

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