The Circo Nero in Florence, the caravan of excesses and joy of living, comes back with its extraordinary characters in the Tuscan town to give us a fun evening and to celebrate the ten-year-long shows in the city where everything started. The date to pin up is on Thursday December 7, when the various humanity of this particular universe will be presented at the Teatro Obihall in Via Fabrizio De Andrè for the “Reunion Circo Nero”. The Circo Nero show in Florence will start at 22:00.

Circo Nero in Florence 10 Years Celebration at the Teatro Obihall

The Circo Nero in Florence will bring with it a great charge of vitality and passion, creating a moment in which it will be mixed dreams and excitement, madness and shame, sex and eroticism, smile and despair, fears and doubts. All this in a scenery created and tailored into the smallest details, through the extraordinary work of hair stylists, set designers, makeup and costume designers. The Circo Nero in Florence is a journey that will take us all night and it will end only at dawn. A path through which we will be accompanied by dwarves and dancers, tatters and tigers, cannon women and fire eaters, clowns and knights, goblins, cupids and so many more.

The Circo Nero in Florence is the way to spend a special day, an appointment that will allow you to dive into the beauties of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And to know more about the countryside, monuments and gastronomy of the place, we recommend the 4 star Hotel Brunelleschi, an elegant establishment located in central Piazza Sant’Elisabetta. The hotel is close to the Teatro Obihall and it offers various types of rooms and suites with a lot of amenities. Moreover, the presence of the Santa Elisabetta restaurant and the Osteria della Pagliazza allows you to discover the fantastic taste of the best local tradition dishes revisited in a modern style by the talented chef Rocco de Santis.

Tickets for the Circo Nero show in Florence are on sale at the official website of Teatro Obihall at 35.00 euros per person >>

Circo Nero in Florence, prepare yourself to live a fabulous experience

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