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Circo Nero in Florence

November 21, 2011

The “Circo Nero” in Florence is a real exclusiveness intended to attract the attention of the audience  on the evening of Wednesday, December 7th. The Teatro Saschall will be the location that will host this glamorous and extravagant event. The beginning of the show is set for 22:00, and it will be a total immersion in a colorful and exciting world. The ideal completion of a day full of fun is the Brunelleschi Hotel, an elegant 4-star hotel located in the heart of the symbol of the Italian language. The hotel is just 4 km away from Via Fabrizio De Andrè, street in which is the theatre that will host the “Circo Nero” in Florence. Therefore, this Hotel is a particularly suitable choice to experience the magic of this show  unique of its kind.

Discover the offers of the Brunelleschi Hotel for the “Circo Nero” in Florence

The “Circo Nero” in Florence is much more than a simple show. It is a real, amazing, microcosm full of joy. It is a world of joy, colours and passions able to drag the audience into a whirlwind of unstoppable sensations. The “Circus of the passions and music that shout inside” was founded in 2006, and it is inspired by the extravagance, eccentricity, and the characteristics of American circuses of the ’30s of last century. The “Circo Nero” in Florence is a show unique of its kind, based on love, respect for diversity, tolerance and joy. A real injection of optimism and love of life dished up by freaks and unforgettable characters, from jugglers to fire eaters, magicians to drag queens, to an innumerable number of circus freaks able to aim directly at the heart of people.

The timeless show of the “Circo Nero” in Florence

The worthy completion of the extraordinary emotions of the show in the Tuscan capital is embodied by a structure symbol of the city. The 4-star Brunelleschi Hotel is situated in the heart of the birthplace of the Italian language, being therefore, the ideal choice to fully enjoy the fun of the event. The centrality of the structure makes it a sure point of reference for your stay, giving you the opportunity to easily visit the most important monuments of the place. Comfort and relaxation are guaranteed by the elegant rooms. They are real gems, embellished with all the modern comforts and enriched with a wonderful view over the Dome by Brunelleschi, on Via dei Calzaioli or on the Piazzetta del Giglio. Choose the Brunelleschi Hotel for the “Circo Nero” in Florence.

Experience the passions of the “Circo Nero” in Florence with the luxury of the Brunelleschi Hotel



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