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Costume Gallery in Florence

September 6, 2016
Costume Gallery in Florence

The Costume Gallery in Florence between fashion and history

The Costume Gallery in Florence is located in the Palazzina della Meridiana of Palazzo Pitti, a pavilion in the south of the Palace to which is also accessed from the Boboli Gardens. It is considered the only museum of fashion history in Italy and it is among the most important at international level, with about six thousand pieces between ancient and modern clothing, accessories and costumes for theatre and film. This museum presents a selection of clothes and accessories from the XVIII century to today which is renewed every two years, replacing the items on display with other extracts from the filing of the museum. Then there are frequent temporary exhibitions that illustrate specific areas of the collections.

The Costume Gallery in Florence was created in 1983 under the direction of Kristen Aschengreen Piacenti and among six thousand artifacts in storage, the oldest items date back to the XVI century. There are also numerous examples of prestigious Italian and foreign designers such as Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Emilio Pucci, Ottavio Missoni, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. Many items come from public and private donations, sometimes even from the donation of entire wardrobes of celebrities such as Eleonora Duse or Sicilian noblewoman Franca Fiorio. It is also possible to admire rarities like funeral clothes of Grand Duke Cosimo I, his wife Eleonora of Toledo and their son Don Garzia, which were used to show the deceased during the funeral ceremonies while for the burial clothes were used simpler clothes. Finally, we can admire a jewelry collection of scene of the XX century.

We suggest you a leisurely visit to the Costume Gallery in Florence during a stay at the Hotel Brunelleschi, 4-star hotel in the historic city centre. The Gallery is a special destination for all fashion lovers. The cost of admission varies depending on the current exhibitions at Palazzo Pitti (around 13,00 euro). The ticket for the Costume Gallery includes the access to the Silver Museum, the Porcelain Museum, the Boboli Gardens and the Bardini Gardens.

Opening times Costume Gallery in Florence

from Monday to Sunday
8,15 – 16,30 in November, December, January and February
8,15 – 17,30 in March
8,15 – 18,30 in April, May, September and October
8,15 – 18,50 in June, July and August

The Costume Gallery in Florence is waiting for you for an exciting visit to the discovery of the Italian fashion!

costume gallery in florence

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