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Cuttlefish arrabbiata style

April 12, 2017
Cuttlefish arrabbiata style rocco de santis

Cuttlefish arrabbiata style (barbecued / not barbecued), Recipe by Rocco De Santis

A new “recipe of the month” from the Hotel Brunelleschi: with the proposal of this month, Seppia all’arrabbiata (Cuttlefish arrabbiata style), we would like to introduce the new Hotel Chef Rocco De Santis, for the Osteria Pagliazza and the Restaurant Santa Elisabetta.

Ingredients for 4 people:
4 medium cuttlefishes
dehydrated arrabbiata sauce 200 milliliters
Pepper meringues 8
Charcoal powder 80 grams
Mousse of pecorino cheese 120 grams
Parsley oil q.s.

For the cuttlefishes: cut the cuttlefishes into thin strips, season them with olive oil, salt, pepper and marjoram.
For the dry sauce arrabbiata style: cook the San Marzano tomatoes with the chilli oil (extracted at 80° C), to dehydrate the sauce at 90° C for 1: 30h.

For the meringues: assemble 100 grams of egg white and 200 grams of powdered sugar, add chili powder dehydrated and bake them.

For the mousse of pecorino cheese: to reduce of the 50% 200 grams of cream and 200 grams of milk, add 300 grams of pecorino cheese as soon as the mixture reaches 70° C, blend until a smooth mousse.
For the charcoal powder: cook on a hot coals 4 onions and 4 carrots, let them dry out, add 100 grams of toasted pine nuts to enhance the aroma of roasting, thyme and dried citrus peels, mix all together.

Garnish with the parsley oil obtained by extraction at 80° C.

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