Florence is a unique place full of history, as well as the area surrounding it. Here are the best places where to go to for the perfect daily trip.

Undoubtedly, Florence is one of the most amazing cities in Italy and in the world: every year thousands of people come to visit its beauties and experience the incredible atmosphere that permeates its ancient and unique streets.

Nevertheless, coming to Florence doesn’t necessarily mean to spend the whole time in town. Although sightseeing properly the main attractions can be a long yet incredibly rich activity, another kind of beauty lies in the surroundings of the main city and can be reached and experienced also for a short daytrip. This way, you will be able to get to know this amazing region even if your base is in a hotel in the center of Florence, as it can be extremely easy to head towards those venues.

This is why choosing Hotel Brunelleschi, located right in the heart of Florence, is the best option: you will be able to explore the surroundings and eventually come back in the evening to experience the magic of the city centre after sunset. Here you will find the best tips for a Tuscan day trip.


Cities and small centres

The region is rich of medium-sized and smaller centres where history and art still play a major role in the urban landscape. One of the most recommended centres is, with no doubt, Siena: a small town full of history and where to meet an extremely interesting local culture: here is where the famous Palio, a horse race where the various city wards compete against each other since the 16th century. As well, in Siena are located different beautiful buildings and galleries that are surely worth seeing, such as Palazzo Pubblico and the Cathedral.

Other close-by locations are Lucca and Arezzo: the city centre of the two of them is a bit smaller but not less wonderful. The roots of literary characters such as Dante and Petrarca lie in here.


A trip in the surroundings of Florence wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the beautiful tuscan countryside. That is the case also for those willing to experience the best local products, directly from the lands where they are grown. Firstly, the Chianti area is a compulsory destination for wine-lovers. A tour in a local winehouse is the best way to taste the amazing products of this land. An amazing landscape can also be found in the area of the crete senesi, just in the surroundings of Siena.


Reaching your destinations

Although it might be rather simple to get to one of the cities by train or organizing a tour with a bus, a more pleasant mean of transport is organized directly from Hotel Brunelleschi towards many different destinations thanks to our transfer services. Being comfortable and well-equipped will provide you the best experience during your stay here.


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