I work at the Brunelleschi since 1993 and I come from work experiences made at the Grand Hotel and the Hotel Mediterraneo in Florence and even earlier at the Savoy in London and various experiences in Germany. I love this job and I am lucky to do it in this magnificent city where I live.

I come from a hotel training and I was lucky to learn about the different work areas of the hotel. This kind of experience made me grow a lot professionally and I treasure it still today in moments of discussion and dialogue with colleagues from other departments.

I love genuine and simple things: the attention to the client, the pleasure of being in the public and devote my time to the guests and to interact with them.
Sometimes it is nice to talk to people of this and that, the simple things in everyday life and get out a bit from the professional role.

The approach of listening is crucial for me. In case of problems it is important to be able to mediate, put the guests at ease and help them in their needs.

But I also have an organizational role and I have to manage more things and situations simultaneously to perform multiple functions. This job gives me great satisfaction, even in the little things of every day, when for example I can find the right joints in the availability of rooms and give the client what they want most.
I like to see that the customer is happy. When he smiles sincerely and I perceive it, it is to me the realization of my work day.

I like to feel what the client feels and to be with the client.
I like to immerse myself in work and concentrate on it at 100%. I love staying at the Brunelleschi.
The experience in the four and five star hotels has given me a lot and taught me how to handle each situation and to know the wide range of colors that can present this work.

Another nice aspect of this work is the relationship with colleagues. In the morning, as habit, the colleague who is on duty at the reception brings coffee to everyone else: a nice way to start the day.

Among the rooms of the Brunelleschi, my favorite and the one I would recommend to a visitor is the Pool Suite, for its decor and because I love the outdoor spaces.
Not so much for the external bathtub – although I would bath in it – but especially for the light that is there and for its wonderful view.

If you come to Florence and want to capture particular aspects I suggest you take a ride at Diladdarno (Oltrarno the area of ​​Florence located on the left bank of the Arno River) with craft shops of engravers working metals, the Santo Spirito or the area of ​​the Carmine and go in search of hidden treasures. I love living in Florence and all that this amazing city has to offer: music, theater, restaurants, events…a set that gives me the charge for a new working day.

Stefano Mani
Front Office Manager

pattern Brunelleschi Hotel

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