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Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence: after 100 years, D’Annunzio is back in Florence

January 3, 2011

From December 16 the Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence: 1910 ESCAPE FROM LA CAPPONCINA – BETWEEN FLORENCE AND FRANCE

The exhibition – organized by the Councillorship of the  Province of  Florence – covers several exposing areas of the  Palazzo Medici Riccardi to allow visitors to live the unforgettable atmosphere of such peculiar period: a real narration made through paintings, sculptures, photos, objects, letters and publications.

The Hotel Brunelleschi is the ideal hotel for your stay on occasion of the Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence. The Hotel Brunelleschi is a four-star property  located in the heart of Florence, in Via de’ Calzaiuoli, with a semicircular byzantine tower overlooking a lovely tiny square. The hotel is close to Palazzo Medici and is therefore ideal to access the exhibition and all the main Florence museums and monuments.

From December 16 to February 13 the Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence:  D’Annunzio between Florence and France

Why was the focus put on 1910 and the escape from Villa Capponcina for the Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence?  Because 1910 is the year  in which D’Annunzio leaves Florence and is forced to move to Paris, la Ville Lumiere, the other cultural pole in his life and the destination of his journeys when he left his mansion in Settignano.  D’Annunzio lived in Florence for 12 years (from 1898) together with Eleonora Duse and “like a Renaissance Prince” in the  Villa Capponcina, perfectly at ease in that intellectual and artistic atmosphere that made Florence compete with Paris for becoming the culture capital.

Thematic itinerary of the Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence:

The picture of  D’Annunzio represented as a Renaissance Prince  opens the exhibition in the Michelozzo Court:  D’Annunzio riding a horse in the garden of  Villa Capponcina is compared with the detail of  Lawrence the Magnificent  in the Chapel by Benozzo Gozzoli.Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence
The other great protagonist of the exhibition is Eleonora Duse, whose portrait  is located in the first room on the first floor. In the second room there is the representation of the other famous couple  of that Florentine period : Edward Gordon Craig  and  Isadora Duncan. In the rooms located on the ground floor, the Exhibition Palazzo Medici in Florence is dedicated to the cosmopolitan atmosphere and to the Florence salons of that time. 

Starting from the Limonaia (Lemon garden), gathering the furnishings of La Capponcina, you get to the first room dedicated to poetry, to the figurative arts and also to the new technologies, then you reach the second room dedicated to the “cult” of Dante. Through the portrait galleries featuring the characters of that period you the reach the last room dedicated to the final phase of D’Annunzio poetry.

To visit the most beautiful art city in the world and spend an unforgettable stay in hotel, come and discover the Exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Florence.

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