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Exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards

May 20, 2014

The exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards is an interesting project currently in program at the Archaeological Civic Museum of Fiesole, an appointment with the great history that will keep us company until 31st October, 2014. It is a real event, curated by Giuseppina Carlotta Cianferoni and Marco De Marco, who sees for the first time exhibited all together the findings by Lombards at Fiesole. The exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards allows us to admire about sixty exhibits of the sixth and seventh centuries, found in burial contexts from the nineteenth century. The exhibition can be visited every day from 10:00 to 19:00. In October closing time is anticipated at 18:00.

Exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards, journey through history

The exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards permits us to fully admire extraordinary exhibits that make the idea of life in this territory many centuries ago. Among these, we find brooches, hairpins, glass objects, jewellery, belts ornaments, dishes and utensils. But the principal role is played by weapons, with the display of swords, cupids spears, knives and arrowheads. We have to highlight also spreaders, examples of the goldsmith technique, blown glass goblets and a nipple of shield decorated. The exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards also allows us to observe a fascinating reconstruction of four tombs of a warrior, a woman of high lineage, a shipwright and a female child, witnessing the most important discoveries made in the area Garibaldi. The same point where, after more than twenty years of work, it has re-emerged a necropolis with 40 tombs already found.

Exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards, surprises do not end

The exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards is enriched by numerous and interesting side events, such as experimental archaeology, with workshops of goldsmiths and texture, made during the “Sundays at the Museum”. Moreover, in the course of construction, there are also study meetings with archaeology of Fiesole and the findings of the latest excavations. So, a rich and detailed manifestation to let everyone know a very interesting piece of local history. A perfect opportunity also to discover this extraordinary land, to live during your stay at the Brunelleschi, 4-star hotel located in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, enriched by Restaurant Santa Elisabetta and the Osteria della Pagliazza, culinary corners where enjoy the best of the local cuisine.

Exhibition Fiesole and the Lombards, a great project

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