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Factory of Hard Stones in the united Italy in Palazzo Pitti

July 26, 2011

From May 17th to Sunday, September 11th 2011, at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, an inedited exhibition of the private laboratories operating in the wake of the Factory, former Grand Duke factory, renowned everywhere in Europe.

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The Factory of Hard Stones was born in the 16th century Italy, and from the beginning it served the Piemontese court. With its works, it let revive the naturalism of Medici period, perpetuating the tradition which characterized it during the centuries. The exhibition of Palazzo Pitti, “From the splendor of the court to the bourgeois luxury. The Factory of Hard Stones in the united Italy”, you can understand the different stages characterizing the history of this factory, from the beginning to the apogee to the decline.

“Factory of Hard Stones in the United Italy” exhibition from May 17th to September 11th

After an introduction on the past of the Factory, you can admire the style of the 19th century works, or better post-unification works, with their precious features which distinguish them from the works of competing factories. Continuing in the exhibition you can find the splendor of the worked rare stones which furnish wall panels, tables, boxes, sculptures in hard stones and objects. This is the magnificence of the Factory of Italy. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Savoy family, promoter of the Factory, as the furniture of the Pitti royal palace during the period when Florence was capital show.

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