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Florence European City of Sport 2012

February 20, 2012
Florence European City of Sport 2012

Florence European City of Sport 2012. This is one of many important results achieved by the Tuscan capital, that throughout the year will be the true sporting landmark of the old continent. The city was invested with the prestigious award last November by ACES Europe in Brussels rewarding, therefore, the great efforts made by the municipality in plants, with a great heritage, immediate projects and future investments. Florence European City of Sport 2012 also highlights another certainty of Florentine power: that of a grand social fabric, an excellent and branched network of sports clubs. Sport as an opportunity for cohesion, knowledge and culture that will take you into the heart of the city, by visiting and exploring like never before, maybe staying at one of its symbols, the Brunelleschi Hotel in Piazza Santa Elisabetta.

The emotions of Florence European City of Sport 2012

Florence European City of Sport 2012 will offer a wide variety of spectacular and exciting events. The inauguration of the whole year took place on Monday, February 13rd, at the Nelson Mandela Forum, which hosted a large charity dinner, and whose collection was donated to the entirely voluntary association Trisomy 21. Florence European City of Sport 2012 is ready to capture the hearts of all with demonstrations, games, seminars, courses with the participation of nationally and internationally athletes. Many are disciplines involved, from the most popular sports until the lesser known: football, athletics, billiards, bowling, baseball, tennis, skating, dance, rock climbing, orienteering, model making, archery, cycling, dog agility, taekwondo, fencing, horse racing and many others.

Florence European City of Sport 2012, a year-long match

Florence European City of Sport 2012 takes care of younger generations through special events organized by schools, so as to facilitate the proper growth of children, promote the culture and sentiments of the sport, help children to understand the importance of physical activity in daily life. So, here is a 2012 full of opportunities for entertainment, leisure and growth, ideal to learn more about the city of Florence, perhaps giving oneself a special holiday by staying at the Brunelleschi. Located in the heart of the city, this hotel is ideal to participate all sports events of this special year, relying on a prestigious and luxurious structure, rich in history and tradition, but with an eye to the future. Rooms, services, cuisine and high class environments await you in Florence European city of sport 2012.

Play, run and grow up with Florence European City of Sport 2012

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