I’m from Holland, I have a great passion for the hospitality and I work in tourism field for over thirty years. I had the great fortune to work in big cities like London, Paris and Amsterdam, but at that time I was looking for a city smaller in size and with a warmer climate and I thought of Florence. The initial intention was to spend a couple of years, only to make it a new experience and to learn Italian. I never thought that Florence would have stolen my heart.

Its size is on a human scale, surrounded by the beautiful hills of Fiesole, Settignano and slightly away you can reach the Chianti countryside or Chiantishire, as the first British tourists have called it during the Grand Tour in the early 900’s.
The historic centre, until the seventh circle wall belongs to the Unesco heritage and the city is rightly considered the cradle of the Renaissance.
Florence is a wide open-air museum and everything can be reached easily on foot. Although it is one of the few historical centres devoid of trees, it has a pleasant air and a maximum livability.
The climate is perfect and the skyline view is unique both from Piazzale Michelangelo and Fiesole.
The Arno River is like a setting for the beautiful Lungarno and the monumental bridges like Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte Vecchio.
The most important landmark is the Duomo of Florence, symbol of the city and the most famous of Italy and even today its dome is the highest peak of the city and nobody can build higher.

I love the Italian way of life, based on feeling good, eat well, dress fashionably and enjoy life with a calm and rhythms much more relaxed than in most other countries; it is just this aspect that allows you to absorb all the small and big shades that allow you to enjoy life in a more intense way.

Living this city in my everyday life and to represent it in the Hotel Brunelleschi is for me an enormous fortune and there is not a day where I forget this aspect.
As Giuseppe Verdi said: You can have the Universe if I may have Italy.

I work for the Hotel Brunelleschi from January 2001 and for this reason I feel it like my home.
My experience at the Hotel Brunelleschi was very significant, especially after the great major renovation of the hotel completed in 2013 and thanks to the personal and professional development that this reality has allowed me to reach, also through many training and updating courses and the various opportunities for discussion with the Manager of the Hotel and with staff of other sectors, have arisen in the course of our frequent meetings.

I love dedicate myself to hospitality. Being able to provide excellent service and make happy a customer is a great satisfaction!
I thank the General Manager, Mr. Catani and the ownership for giving me the opportunity to be able to concentrate on the quality of the customer stay, to follow him before, during and after his stay. The Guest Relation Manager is an important role for me and it is expressed in the enormous challenge to optimize the quality of the guests’ stay, anticipate and meet any request or requirement so as to contribute to a service worthy of the name “Hotel Brunelleschi” and to raise the prestige of the name at the highest levels.

Paulus Meershoek
Guest Relation Manager

pattern Brunelleschi Hotel

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