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Frey Wille and the Hotel Brunelleschi

December 21, 2012

What do they have in common Frey Wille and the Hotel Brunelleschi? The same standards of beauty and taste, style and graceful decorative jewelry inspired by the Art Deco period, recalling the precious and refined windows that decorate the Liberty Hall of the hotel, built by Galileo Chini between 1922 and 1923. Frey Wille has paid tribute to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Klimt presenting new collections dedicated to this famous artist in the Byzantine Tower of Pagliazza with the permanent presence of a showcase within the hotel.

Frey Wille and its history

Frey Wille was born in Vienna in 1951. A team of skilled artists, goldsmiths, designers and experts enamelling, it is the soul and heart of a company become a leader in this field. Plays of colours, variety of shapes and high quality have always distinguished the jewelry by Frey Wille, whose design inspired by art and creativity, express passion for art and emotions. The colour and the enamel come together in a refined creation, enhanced by the application of gold dust 24 carats. With over 100 stores around the world including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Moscow, Beijing and Hong Kong, Frey Wille is a reality known globally.

A weekend dedicated to shopping

Spend a nice weekend to go shopping with your friends or your family in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Our 4-star hotel is situated between the main shopping streets of the city, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, the seat of ancient goldsmiths of renowned artisans. You will be spoiled for choice among the fashion boutiques and international brands. Our concierge is at your disposal to book a personal shopper who will accompany you in the choice of purchasing and guide you to the most interesting shops in the city.

We wait for you for an incredible holiday of shopping in the heart of the historic centre!

shopping in Florence Italy

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