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March 7, 2017
beatrice cozzani

I was born in La Spezia and now I live in a town near Pisa along with my partner. After graduating in languages and case law studies, I followed the family vocation, i.e. the “guest’s reception”. I moved the first steps in my mother’s business, but it is Tuscany to have given me the real opportunities, initially as a receptionist at a four star hotel in Montecatini Terme, where I improved my savoir faire in the capital of Italian thermal. But the real leap in quality and source of pride for me, is to be receptionist at the Hotel Brunelleschi.

Tourism has always fascinated me since my childhood when I watched my aunt and my cousin to welcome their customers. I love my job, I love taking care of my guests from arrival, welcoming them with a reassuring smile, helping and assisting them during their stay until their departure. Even though I often prefer to argue that we are present before, during and after their stay. In fact, my role, in addition to making check-in and check-out, it consists of a presence that must be able to anticipate, meet but always and above all to listen to the Guest, as his stay could become an unforgettable experience. The hotel receptionist job is a crescendo of tones, which have as main subject the guest, his care, management and especially listening.

I like to get in touch with people from all over the world, each with its own history, motivation and above all expectations, which prompts him to visit Italy, and Florence in particular. Most of all I like to be able to provide them with my inspiration to make them live a unique stay, their “wow stay”.

Since I crossed the threshold of Brunelleschi I was fascinated by the Tower of Pagliazza, its ancient history, forgotten and then saved from the architectural changes that every age required. From the working point of view, I am in agreement with the raising of the Customer to a Guest and then the personalized attention that is recognized to each person to be able to spend a quality holiday.

My work takes place in two shifts. The morning shift with the departure, the farewell, the stories of stays or anecdotes and good intentions to return. The evening shift is marked by arrivals, Guests with light in the eyes of who want to visit as much as possible, and the guests in the house, with whom to find the right solution for dinners, tours but also the organization of special moments such as the proposal wedding.

When you book a room you receive information about its description, you can see the photos, but it will never be like to see it live. My job also concern in not taking anything for granted, much less an emotional reaction of a Guest. In fact, the accompaniment is a very delicate time, as well as all the information necessary to understand if the room is the right one for the guest that we face.

I remember two ladies who had had the upgrade to the Pool Suite, it was really rewarding to see their happiness, the wonder in front of the grandeur of the room until the spectacular view of the Duomo. It is rewarding as their happiness is the first step for a stay that goes and move in the right direction.

When I am off duty I love spending time with my partner and our dog, making outings and organizing new journeys; as travelling and reading are the two activities that enrich more.

To visit a city as Florence, homeland of culture and art, you have to take into account that there are cult places, such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery, the Duomo, Palazzo Pitti, the Bargello museum and the major Churches. My advice, in addition to the almost obligatory visits, is to “get lost” in the streets by appreciating the buildings from every era, or architecture and strategic location of the main squares.

The Hotel Brunelleschi is the perfect blend of history and modernity not far from the major sites of interest. At the Brunelleschi the luxury factor is strictly related to cordiality and personalized treatment to ensure a unique and memorable experience.

I discovered the Brunelleschi before working in it thanks to Dan Brown’s novels. Today, rereading Inferno or last pages of the Da Vinci Code I feel proud of the place where I work and it increases more my sense of belonging to a hotel that annually wins awards and accolades worldwide.

Beatrice Cozzani
Receptionist at the Hotel Brunelleschi

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