I was born in Palermo (Sicily) and I live in Florence for more than two years. I began to take my first steps in this area thanks to my father, that sustained me in undertaking this path in the world of catering, advising me and convincing me to attend the State Professional Hotel School in Palermo. There, I began to study hard and after the first few years I decided to practice what I had learned, beginning to make extra school services in various restaurants in the city.

I must premise that the waiter is not a job for everyone because you are faced with a spirit of sacrifice, giving up free time and events that are dear to us, such as public holidays. The first advice that my teachers gave to me were, first of all, to “turn much” the eye during sandblasting and try to learn as much as possible from more experienced colleagues, observing them and “stealing” their craft with the eyes. This is considered the first rule to start this kind of job.

Although the first times I met some difficulties because I was just at the beginning, over the time I took ownership and security of my actions and when I began to understand the mechanism of this job, I begin to be interested in all of this. I liked the idea of being in direct contact with guests and do the best to meet their needs. When guests manifested their satisfaction at the end of each event, I felt gratified too and fully satisfied.

Entering this world offers you a chance to have more “open doors”, to guarantee yourself the future that you want. It allows you to travel much, seeing new places, meeting people from different countries that allow you to compare the ways of living and thinking different from our own, enriching your cultural background. All this makes you mature a lot, making it easier to deal with even the hardships that life holds for you.

In my working experience I keep among the fondest memories the years when I worked as a chef de rang on board of the cruise ship, thanks to which I was able to navigate much around the world, in addition to luxury hotels where I had the chance to meet and serve many V.I.P. by the Italian National Football Team, many celebrities and politicians.

After so many experiences now I work for more than two years at the Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence, as Head Waiter thanks to the Restaurant Manager Alessandro Recupero who wished I were part of his team: an extraordinary person from whom I learned a lot, since I collaborated with him in the past years at the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea in Palermo, an icon of the sector to which I am very grateful.

My working day starts in organizing the perfect operation of the restaurant. Based on the number of reservations and events, I do the right set-up in the formulation and preparation of the service station. I take care of the table setting but, above all, the essential part and also the one that I like most is the service phase because it gives me the opportunity to use my skills for the best of the Guest’s needs.

I prefer to dedicate my free time to me and my hobbies: I love the sport so much, take long walks, shopping and, above all, be in good company of friends.

I recommend staying at the Brunelleschi because it is located in the heart of the historical centre, a strategic point from which you can walk within walking minutes the main places of interest. The hotel rooms are all very stylish and comfortable. What catches the eye at first glance is the hotel’s façade, represented by the Tower of Pagliazza, the oldest of Florence, of Byzantine origin. Inside it there are two restaurants: the Osteria della Pagliazza on the ground floor with a typical Tuscan cuisine and the Gourmet Restaurant Santa Elisabetta on the first floor, absolutely to try them at least once!

Giovanni Tusa
Head Waiter Hotel Brunelleschi

pattern Brunelleschi Hotel

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