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Golden glows in Florence

July 11, 2012

The international Gothic arrives in Tuscany with the exhibition Golden Flashes in Florence. Up to November 4th, 2012, the main floor rooms in the Uffizi Gallery houses an important exhibition that reconstructs the panorama of the Florentine art in the period 1375-1440. The Brunelleschi Hotel, – star in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, is located at a short distance from the Uffizi Gallery and the Golden Flashes exhibition.

Golden glow in Florence to the Uffizi Gallery

On display there are the best known and lesser-known paintings, wooden and marble sculptures, manuscripts, sacred and secular works of art from public museums but also from private Italian and foreign collections. It starts with a fourteenth-century artists and works by Agnolo Gaddi, Spinello Aretino, Antonio Veneziano, Gherardo Stamina and Lorenzo Monaco. And yet Lippo d’Andrea, Mariotto di Cristofano, Giovanni Toscani, Ventura di Moro, Francesco d’Antonio and Arcangelo di Cola. From Lorenzo Ghiberti to Beato Angelico to end with one of the most famous texts of the early fifteenth century, the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello, a document capable of synthesizing the ideas of an unrepeatable epoch.

Golden glow in Florence with the Hotel Brunelleschi

Take advantage of this wonderful exhibition in Florence for a stay at the Hotel Brunelleschi. You will live an experience in the luxury and elegance in a historic and completely renovated environment, at a few steps from the Dome and the main monuments of the city. You can choose from various types of rooms and offers for an unforgettable holiday. Moreover, enjoy the fabulous Tuscan cuisine in one of our restaurants: Ristorante Santa Elisabetta or osteria della Pagliazza. If you book from the official website of the hotel, the internet connection is free for the whole stay.

Hurry up! Discover the Golden Flashes exhibition in Florence and the International Gothic!

Golden glows in Florence

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