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Grandi and Bollani in Florence

November 7, 2012

The Grandi and Bollani’s show in Florence is one of the most interesting and expected musical events of the Florentine autumn, which will catalyze the attention of many fans of Italian music for a show that promises to be full of excitement and already characterized by a strong charge of energy. The date to remember is on Sunday, December 2nd, when the duo will arrive at the elegant structure of Teatro Verdi in Via Ghibellina. Grandi and Bollani in Florence will come on stage starting at 21:00, for an appointment which is the perfect opportunity to know a couple of aces in the industry, but also to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which will already begin to dress of magic with the approach of Christmas.

Grandi and Bollani in Florence, be carried away by a fantastic duo

The Grandi and Bollani concert in Florence is part of the tour of the couple, launched at the end of November from Bologna, which follow the release of the album “Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani”, a highly anticipated work, through which it will be possible to discover once again the particular alchemy that defines the relationship between two artists, so different and yet so similar. The performance of Grandi and Bollani in Florence will be the perfect opportunity to listen to songs from the new album which consists of 12 tracks plus one only available for iTunes version, but also to test the combination of the rock and pop soul of the Florentine singer with the jazz pianist from Milan after the first collaboration in the group “La Forma” in the early ‘90s.

Grandi and Bollani in Florence, from a thirty-year friendship the birth of a complete couple

Grandi and Bollani in Florence will perform the fruits of their album, a collection of interpretations of great successes of the past plus two unpublished works, among which “Viva la pappa col pomodoro”, “No surprises”, “A me me piace o’ blues”, “For once in my life” and “Dream a little dream of me”. In addition to the concert, you can also immerse yourself in the great masterpieces of the Florentine architecture, maybe by staying at the elegant 4-star Hotel Brunelleschi, with stylish rooms and luxurious suites with a view of the Brunelleschi’s Dome, on Via dei Calzaioli or Piazzetta del Giglio. Just half a mile from the place of the event, it is the perfect solution for an unforgettable holiday and to enjoy the music of Grandi and Bollani in Florence.

Grandi and Bollani in Florence, excitement and fun in the encounter between two great artists

Grandi and Bollani in Florence

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