The heart of the Hotel Brunelleschi

Growing at Brunelleschi

May 11, 2015

I work at the Hotel Brunelleschi since 1988 so, from twenty-seven years. I was present and already working at the opening and over the years I experienced various changes up to date. One of the things I like best about my job is the opportunity to be able to compare constantly with employees of various departments but especially the meeting with our guests, a simple greeting, a dialogue or sharing emotions.

Sometimes, I like a lot having to take action or decisions, simply to satisfy a customer need. I know the hotel from perfectly but my favorite room is the 419 because I think it is fair, secluded, cozy, somewhat intimate, even if it is part of a larger complex: on one side, you can admire the Tower of Palazzo Vecchio and, on the other, the Cathedral with the Campanile.

The work and the role of housekeeper came almost by accident, almost to bet… I did not expect to come to deal with a hotel so important.

Then, came the change, the restructuring that I have experienced from the beginning to the end. Under a new (in part) direction and management I learned and understood more deeply what “is” my role, not only at a personal level but also as a personal satisfaction and gratitude.
I grew up and I spent a good chunk of my life at the Brunelleschi. I hope to “staying here” for a long together with many of our guests who will try to accommodate them as they wish.

Paola Albani
Housekeeper at the Hotel Brunelleschi

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