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Guttuso exhibition in Florence

March 31, 2014

The Guttuso exhibition in Florence is now impending. In fact, we are just approaching to the inauguration of the project dedicated to the great Sicilian painter in calendar at the Simboli Art Gallery from 5th April to 31st May 2014. A Personal Review long-awaited and interesting, entitled “Timeless Painting”, which arrives in the city after the great success in Reggio Emilia and that will be inaugurated on Saturday, 5th April at 17:30. The Guttuso exhibition in Florence can be visited free of charge from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00. It is divided into two major sections, arranged in rotation in the spaces of the Gallery in via San Giuseppe, 6 in Florence. “Guttuso, the elegance of the dream” is based on historical works, realized until the ‘60. “Guttuso and the colour” instead, presents works created in the second part of the life and career of the artist from Bagheria, dating back to the ‘70 and ‘80, where it is clear the extraordinary ability that the teacher drew from the use of colour.

Guttuso exhibition in Florence, at the discovery of a great artist

The Guttuso exhibition in Florence will permit to admire works now consigned to the legend, made up through different techniques. Among the oil paintings we remember: “The Still Life” in 1937 and that of 1962, “Leaves of sunflower” 1971, “The hand and the rose” in 1972, “The roofs of Palermo”, 1976, “The red coats” of 1985. In addition to these there are some ink drawings, made in preparation of subsequent works, such as “Mary Magdalene” in 1940, in anticipation of the “Crucifixion” in 1941, or “Figure that runs” and “Two Figures”, which anticipate “The beach” of 1956. The Guttuso exhibition in Florence also gives us extraordinary inks and mixed techniques on paper of female nudes, as in the case of “Marta” in 1971, of “The Three Graces” in 1973-74, “Figure in body” in 1985.

Guttuso exhibition in Florence, a journey in the art

The Guttuso exhibition in Florence continues with various curiosities and rarities, as in the case of a “Sketch for theatrical costume” with an adjoining piece of cloth of the’70, the inks on paper about the world of work, “The Fool”, “The bagatto”, “The World” and “Queen of Swords” in 1971 from which they were made his famous tarot cards. An event of great artistic value, do not miss during your trip to the city. An indispensable path in the history of Italian painting. An opportunity to grasp during your stay at the Hotel Brunelleschi, elegant property in the city centre, perfect for enjoying the many wonders of the Florentine territory.

Guttuso exhibition in Florence, the magic of painting

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