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Christmas air at Brunelleschi

November 21, 2019

During the Christmas holidays, the Brunelleschi Hotel appears even more magical. In a few days, the Christmas decorations will be ready also at the reception, in the hall, in the lounges and on the entrance facade. Even the Torre della Pagliazza will dress up!

This year, it will be even more sparkling thanks to the Star in the MICHELIN Guide 2020 that shines on the Santa Elisabetta Restaurant, the gourmet restaurant located on the first floor of the Torre della Pagliazza.

A rich program of food and wine events waits for you at the Santa Elisabetta, at the Tower Bar, at the Osteria Pagliazza and in the elegant Saloni delle Feste located on the first floor of the hotel.

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Preparations are also underway in the kitchen and in the rooms of our restaurants. For this reason, we wanted to interview Executive Chef Rocco De Santis and Restaurant Manager Domenico Napolitano who are preparing for the festivities…

New Year's Eve dinner Florence Luxury Edition

What is the highlight of the upcoming holiday menus?

Chef Rocco De Santis. Certainly, the seasonality of the products, respect for nature and the raw material and, obviously, a lot of love. The whole staff puts so much passion into the preparations for the holidays. In these days, we are having fun making the perfect recipe for our artisan “panettone” that is served at the end of a meal during the holidays.

Restaurant Manager Domenico Napolitano. I believe that, this year, the Chef has selected and included in the holiday menus all the ingredients that a person wants to enjoy during the Christmas period: fois gras, prawns, lobster, sea bass, all sought-after ingredients for a special evening. Therefore, a great champagne could not be missing.


What are the favourite ingredients of Chef De Santis in the Christmas period?

Chef Rocco De Santis. With the cold climate, surely the memory brings me to the use of products that can be found in the winter period, from vegetables to fruit, such as Christmas broccoli, chestnuts, and dried fruit like nuts, hazelnuts and dates.

What are the favourite wines of the Restaurant Manager for the Christmas season?

Restaurant Manager Domenico Napolitano. Certainly bubbles, no matter whether Italian or French, the important thing is that they are of quality.

Is there a particular dish of the Luxury Edition dinner that our guests will love at the Santa Elisabetta?

Chef Rocco De Santis. The dishes on the menu are all favourite children, I can’t consider just one. I always start from the construction of ideas and dishes that can satisfy the palate of our guests.

Is there a particular wine, of the Luxury Edition dinner, that will please our guests at the Santa Elisabetta?

Restaurant Manager Domenico Napolitano. This year, for the first time, we have selected an internationally renowned Champagne company “Philipponnat”. Certainly, the Cuvée 1522 Grand Cru extra Brut 2009, Philipponnat, will be the important champagne of the evening.

Chef Rocco De Santis. For me, during the Christmas season, Florence, with its productions, becomes a small village of Santa Claus. From the windows to the streets, you can breathe Christmas air; you can almost hear the little music “Jingle Bells” in the air. There are many initiatives, markets and events. The best and simple thing to do is to come to dinner in one of our restaurants: pampering, hospitality and good food are our motto!

Restaurant Manager Domenico Napolitano. A beautiful bottle of Champagne to be uncorked at Piazzale Michelangelo at midnight to enjoy an unforgettable view!

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