The Month's Recipe

Home-made pasta

October 7, 2010


1 kg fine white flour (grade 00)

16 yolks

5 eggs

2 spoonfuls of extra-virgin olive oil


Make mound with the flour on your work surface (possibly marble or wooden) and scoop out a well in the middle. Pour the yolks and the eggs into the middle of the hole, and then add the olive oil. Work the eggs and the flour together softly, till you have smooth dough. Knead the dough until it is smooth and firm. Let the dough stand in the fridge for half a day.

You can use this dough to make tagliatelle (noodles), tagliolini (thin noodles), cannelloni, lasagne and all sorts of ravioli and tortelli.

You can also preserve it in the refrigerator in the desired shapes just by flouring the dough with fine or maize flour.

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