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J-Ax’s Concert in Florence

October 6, 2011

The J-Ax concert in Florence is the appointment that will be held the evening of Wednesday, October 12th at the Teatro Saschall of Tuscan capital. The start is scheduled for 9 pm. The show is part of the 2011 tour by the Milanese artist.  J-Ax in Florence is the occasion to admire live performance of a singer active since 1990 and who starred in a plurality of different projects. The opportunity is to choose to stay at the Brunelleschi Hotel, a gem in the city, just 4 km from Theatre Saschall.

J-Ax in Florence with the Brunelleschi

The J-Ax concert in Florence will let to know the location of the Italian rapper music, particularly complex and varied, able to mix and experiment with different sounds and styles, from rap to alternative rock, from hardcore to rap’n’roll, for a kaleidoscope of sounds son of changes in the paths of life. Became known to the general public as the voice of the group “Articolo 31”, engaged with Neffa in the wrecked work “Due di picche”, today Alessandro Aleotti, alias J-Ax, try his luck again by publishing a solo album “Better before?”, which occurred in August 2011.

J-Ax in Florence in the wake of rap

Several new songs we will hear on the evening of J-Ax in Florence. From the successes of the past, a symbol of his career, the individual published since last August and entered in the last work, such as “Dentro me”, “Musica da rabbia” and “Domenica da coma”. To enjoy staying in the elegant surroundings of the Brunelleschi Hotel, a real dip in taste and style, able to complete the irreverence and the talent of an alternative songwriter, such as J-Ax in Florence.

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