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An unexpected passion

April 4, 2017
laura cimino

I was born in Sicily, precisely in Messina, and until the late teens I lived by the sea, watching the enormous empty spaces covered with water and the rest of Italy in the distance. Now, I live in Florence, a few steps from the San Lorenzo Central Market, one of the most vital areas of Florence but one of the most genuine and representative at the same time.

After graduating from the grammar school, which, as everyone knows, includes the study of several dead languages, I decided to dedicate myself to a language rather ‘lively’ belonging to one of the most evolving countries in recent years, China, attending the Faculty of Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where I completed my education up to graduate.
So, I am a pure linguist, with the propensity to art and philosophy and passion for literary developments of ancient China. However, nowadays we have to give a practical meaning to one’s knowledge that’s why I decided to approach to a sector that originally did not belong to me, that of tourism, with a master’s degree in Hospitality Management, which has allowed me to open one chink of light on this complex but fascinating world and it pushed me, originally as an intern in the warm embrace of the Heart of Florence, the Hotel Brunelleschi, where I took my first tentative steps.

During my life as university student I worked several jobs to earn some money, so I have experiences ranging from waitress to a translator, but probably the tourism sector, in particular the Sales & Marketing, is one in which I found my calling, as it requires a good dose of imagination and an intelligent and strategic use of it, moreover, it allows me to travel, to see countries that had never visited and, though briefly, to see up close other cultures. It is definitely a dynamic work, but just for this reason it offers a number of stimuli that it is hard to find in other jobs.

I work in the Sales Office of the structure and, more broadly, of the ‘promotion’ of the Hotel. The ultimate goal, in simple terms, is to make attractive the structure and instil the desire to stay with us.

Honestly the city of Florence is full of beautiful facilities such as ours, that might seem like a difficult task to give prominence to ‘a drop in the bucket’, but the Hotel Brunelleschi is fortunately equipped with an exclusive location in the heart Florence, a historical background very mysterious and fascinating thanks to the Byzantine Tower of Pagliazza, and a superb quality of service offered to customers, without wanting to mention some of the best views over the Cathedral and the city, which can be enjoyed from the windows of Florentine structures. Our clients and their agents choose us for all these reasons, and I am more than happy to promote such a beautiful and efficient reality.

Define what I like most about my job is not easy. Certainly, I love the daily challenge of being the best ever and all its facets. It is a ‘fight’ in which winning is important, but being second is not a defeat, just a further impetus to improve. If there is something that I like most about this it is the fact that I notice the same attitude in all my colleagues in the other departments, and I feel that we proceed together as a strong and coordinated team.

For the rest, I travel, I engage myself, I use my imagination and skill in public relations for a useful purpose, and I see the results! What could you want more if not the same satisfaction to see the results?

My ‘typical day’ not exist. Every day is different from the previous one, I could be in the office for 9  a.m. to sip my coffee while I sort emails, as I could already be in the hotel at 8 a.m. to coordinate a photo shoot, you do not get bored!

Having a good relationship with my colleagues, and sharing with them most of the day, I like to arrive a few minutes earlier to have time to share with them a piece of my life outside of work and to know something about them. I firmly believe that, as it is right to separate the working and personal life, it is absolutely necessary to know each other and also enjoy a ‘human’ relationship rather than just professionally. Feeling relaxed and at ease with others around you during the day of work, in my opinion, it is the basis for the smooth running, efficient and liquid of all activities.

The first time I entered in the hotel for the interview as an intern, in all honesty, I had the feeling of a place pompous, and I strongly feared that entering it to work I had to deal with stiff colleagues and little empathy. I was wrong! My colleagues have surprised me and proved that they are like family, they conduct their daily lives with a passion that is visible every time they open their big smiles to customers. I know that it is true because they have opened the same big smiles to me when they taught me everything I know.

Clearly, loving much my job, I spend almost all my energies and out of work, I constantly find myself struggling against the temptation to spend my evenings on the sofa watching TV and I cultivate hobbies such as photography, music and reading. I also like going out with my friends and visit a small brewery near my home, which offers craft beers from around the world; but do not overdo it!

Florence is a city that should not be visited but to be lived! The famous monuments and museums are just a little part of a rich heritage, the tip of the iceberg of one of the most flourishing cultures throughout Italy. What I suggest is to stay longer and take the time to explore, to lost and found oneself, to discover hidden but surprising corners.

What I like most about the Hotel Brunelleschi is…the mystery! The Tower of Pagliazza, around which it is developed the Hotel, boasts uncertain origins, perhaps Byzantine, and it seems that it is the oldest building in Florence. Several legends are told about it: for example, it seems that its first known use is as a women’s prison for women accused of witchcraft, during the Middle Ages. Another mystery surrounds the shape of the tower: it seems that the usual form of Florentine ‘houses-towers’ was a square plan. Instead the Tower of Pagliazza has a semi-circular shape, and we have no certain evidence of motivation!

The Hotel Brunelleschi is not only situated in the heart of Florence, but it is the soul! The buildings that comprise it belong to the city before it was recognized as one of the cradles of Italian culture and they have seen it grow and evolve. If this were not enough, the undeniable beauty of the structure, the enjoyable breathtaking views from many rooms, the quality of service, and the sensation of feeling at home from the first night, make it the best representation of the Florentine experience.

Laura Cimino
Sales and Marketing Executive

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