The History of Hotel Brunelleschi

Florence Hotel BrunelleschiHotel Brunelleschi was built where the Byzantine Pagliazza Tower – Torre Bizantina della Pagliazza – and the church called Chiesa di San Michele in Palchetto once stood, in the very heart of Florence. The renovation of the two old buildings, and the present beauty of the hotel make our guests live timeless emotions.

The Brunelleschi Hotel, with its Byzantine semicircular tower, overlooks an enchanting little square, that makes the hotel unforgettable. Inside the tower, Santa Elisabetta Restaurant offers exclusive dinners to our guests.

The extraordinary history of the building dates back to the 1st century A.D., and it crosses the ages to get to the present time.

The particularly elegant comfort of the rooms is paramount to us, in order to offer a refined stay to our guests.
On the one hand, the Hotel recalls the Renaissance buildings of the Lorenzo the Magnificent age, and, on the other hand, it reminds the architecture of the 19th century, after the unification of Italy, when Florence was the capital city.

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