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Madonna concert in Florence

March 2, 2012
Madonna concert in Florence

The Madonna concert in Florence is not just a show that will be staged in the Tuscan capital, but it is THE EVENT, a grand event feverishly awaited by hundreds of thousands of fans who will fight to grab a ticket. Place of the event will be the Stadio Artemio Franchi in Viale Manfredo Fanti, which will be full of lights, colours and sounds starting from 21:00 of a highly anticipated Saturday, June 16th. The Madonna concert in Florence is an opportunity to grasp and never miss because  unique, particularly recommended to see more closely the many historic, artistic and the landscapes of the city. By staying in the prestigious Brunelleschi Hotel you can give you a dream weekend, surrounded by the comfort of the hotel and by the scenic views of the place.

Madonna concert in Florence, meeting with the show

The Madonna concert in Florence is not just a music show but an exceptional event made absolutely complete by massive power and talent of a total artist able to range with success from music to dance, from acting to directing, from fashion to writing, collecting a continuous series of stunning successes. The true “Queen of pop” is a symbol of the music scene of the last thirty years, able to create new trends, to excite and provoke, to unsettle and to hypnotize through her choices always strong. At the Madonna concert in Florence there will be a performance by a singer who, exceeded fifty, she has nothing to envy to her younger colleagues, and that she is able to catalyze the complete attention of the public on her skills of real show-girl.

The Madonna concert in Florence to discover the city

During the Madonna concert in Florence we can also listen some songs of her latest album, entitled “MDNA”, with 15 tracks in the Deluxe edition and 18 in the version available for iTunes, and anticipated by the exit of the highly expected single “Give me all your luvin”. The perfect context in which to stay for enjoy the musical performance is the Brunelleschi Hotel, just a few minutes away from the theater of the event. Nestled in the central Piazza Santa Elisabetta, it is an elegant and prestigious hotel which arises in the Byzantine Tower della Pagliazza, the oldest in the city. The different types of rooms and exclusive suites ensure comfort and luxury of highest level, providing guests a wide range of impressive facilities. Come to the Brunelleschi for the Madonna concert in Florence.

The Madonna concert in Florence, unique atmosphere, unforgettable moments

Madonna concert in Florence

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