This extraordinary dessert, simple yet sophisticated, is a true tribute to the refinement, determination and sweetness of women, combining a perfect harmony of flavors and passion in every bite. The honey mousse, made with skill and genuine love, delights the palate with its creamy texture and the enveloping taste of helichrysum honey, while the salted caramel creamy adds a touch of unparalleled pleasure and taste.

Lime and spelt honey ice cream, enhanced by carefully selected ingredients such as fresh milk and spelt paste, carries with it the authenticity of Tuscan traditions, enriched with a hint of innovation and originality.

The white and yellow glossy icing, embellished with opalys white chocolate and the fresh citrus aroma, along with the orange jelly, with its intense vibrancy and bright color, add a touch of sophistication and cheerfulness to this authentic culinary masterpiece.

Pastry Chef Francesco De Padova has not only created an extraordinary dessert, but has devised a unique sensory experience to celebrate the exceptional women who light up our world with their presence and and strength.

Ingredients for 4 people

Honey mousse:
270g helichrysum honey
135g yolk
12g gelatin powder
700g semi-whipped cream
Procedure : bring honey to 110 degrees and pour on yolks and gelatin , whip and get to the temperature of 30 degrees , then add semi-whipped cream.

Creamy salted caramel:
250g cream
100g caramel
365g chocolate milk caramel 10g gelatin powder
500g cream 35%
Procedure: create a caramel with sugar and decuose with the first part of boiling cream, pour over the caramel chocolate and create a ganache, add the hydrated gelatin and pour the last part of cream and mix, let it rest in the refrigerator overnight .

Lime and spelt honey ice cream:
150g honey
140g dextrose
50g caster sugar
1.23l fresh milk
100g cream 35%
8g neutral ice cream stabilizer 5
8g whey protein
200g cooked spelt dough
1 vanilla bean
60g milk powder
Procedure: combine all ingredients in a food processor for cooking, cook at 85 degrees for 20 minutes. Bring to positive temperature and whip.

Spelt dough:
500g hulled spelt
15l milk
2 orange peels
1 vanilla bean
Procedure: simmer until spelt is cooked.

White and yellow glossy glaze::
350g caster sugar
350g water 240g dextrose
300g condensed milk
22g gelatin powder
150g cocoa butter
220g opalys white chocolate
350g absolut crystal or neutral gelatin for icing
Water-soluble white and yellow dyes
Procedure: with the first 3 ingredients create a syrup at a boil, pour in the remaining ingredients and mix everything , divide the frostings and put the colors in each one.

Orange jelly:
550g orange juice
60g granulated sugar
12g fruit pectin
500g granulated sugar
240g glucose syrup
70g dextrose
18g hydrogen cyanide
60g orange zest
Process: bring to 65 brix and dress in rectangular molds.

Cigarette wafer for beehive:
100g powdered sugar
100g egg white 100g butter
100g flour
Procedure: mix all ingredients together and place in a beehive-shaped silicone mold . Bake at 170 degrees for 6 minutes . Peel off and store in drying.

Orange confi:
180g sugar
300g orange juice
120g Orange peel without the white.
Procedure: cook peels 3 times in water and then cook with sugar and orange juice, mix and sieve.

Sauce for stancile hive:
100g white chocolate
50g condensed milk 20g butter
Yellow dye
10g orange honey
Procedure: mix everything together and let stand in the refrigerator.

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