Things to See and Do in Florence Italy

Meeting with the Front Desk Manager of the Hotel Brunelleschi

December 14, 2012

This month we meet Mr. Mario Anchini, Front Desk Manager at Hotel Brunelleschi.

– In what your job consists of?

Mario Anchini: I have to control that the welcoming standards of our hotel are perfectly realized by the staff of the front desk, I check the level of customer satisfaction with the services provided, and daily I deal with the verification of reservations and room assignments according to the instructions provided during booking.

– Your CV in a nutshell? – Why choose the Hotel Brunelleschi?

Mario Anchini: 1979/1993 at the 5 star Hotel Excelsior Florence, former Cigahotels and currently Starwood, then at the Hotel Brunelleschi with the position of Front Desk Manager.
The Brunelleschi Hotel is a structure completely renovated in common and private areas and it is located in the beautiful pedestrian area of the city. These two features, among others, make of the Hotel Brunelleschi an ideal destination for short stays in Florence.

– Your best memory at the Hotel Brunelleschi?

Mario Anchini: The reopening day after the completely restructuring.

– What is your catchword?

Mario Anchini: Hotel Brunelleschi, we are Florence.

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