Street food at the Mercato Centrale Florence in the San Lorenzo district: an unmissable destination for gourmets in the historic centre

If you love the street food also when you are on holiday you cannot miss the new mercato centrale Florence with a close-up completely new dedicated to more varied catering. On the ground floor there is the traditional market of San Lorenzo with the shops frequented by citizens of Florence.
What to eat in Florence? Inside the market located in the heart of the historic centre of Florence you will find numerous traditional shops managed by real artisans of taste: bread and pastries, fresh fish, various fried and meatballs, fruit and vegetables, meat and salami, mozzarella, cheese, chocolate and ice cream, fresh pasta, wines, lampredotto, sandwiches. You could buy what you like and sit at the table you prefer inside the market place to enjoy your meal.

Mercato Centrale Florence

Have you already have your mouth water? No problem! The mercato centrale Florence is at a few minutes’ walk from the Brunelleschi, hotel in Florence, with a walk through the streets of the historic centre.

The dishes prepared inside the market are cooked using only raw material for sale in the marketplace.

Not to mention the availability of delicious meals at any time of the day thanks to the opening hours from 10:00 am to midnight!

Below there is a map showing the various dining options and the individual specialties taken from the official website of the market.

mercato centrale florence

If you want to bring home quality products you can buy some gastronomic souvenirs at the craft shops scattered inside the covered market or at the point of sale Eataly at the forefront of the market.

Moreover, many different events are organized during the week and it could happen to you to participate in any of them, for example:

  • cooking lessons (at the forefront of the market there is a friendly cooking school with the most modern and fully equipped workstations for participants),
  • cooking competitions,
  • meetings at political and cultural theme,
  • presentations of gastronomic guides,
  • tastings of typical products,
  • themed events, depending on the season festivities.

mercato centrale florenceContact our concierge to get the best information on the San Lorenzo market in Florence to: or on the phone at 055.27370.

mercato centrale florence

Moreover, if you like football you can watch the games directly from maxi screens of the market while you are enjoying a tasty gastronomic specialty of the market.

What are you waiting for? Explore the mercato centrale Florence to savour so many good foods in the heart of the city!

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