A Michelin star shines on the Byzantine tower of Pagliazza, the oldest building in Florence that houses our intimate Ristorante Santa Elisabetta, on the first floor of the tower, led by Executive Chef Rocco De Santis.

“It is with great pride that we receive this important recognition, which is the greatest reward for the efforts of our whole team, and an enormous satisfaction for the property that has always firmly supported the project of a quality catering for the Brunelleschi Hotel. With gratitude I address to our Guests, who have honored us with their preference over the years and they are the fundamental protagonists of this journey” Claudio Catani – General Manager at the Brunelleschi Hotel

The star in the Michelin Guide 2020 confirms the partnership and synergy among the Executive Chef, the Sous Chef Fabio Silla, the Restaurant Manager Domenico Napolitano, the Maître Alessandro Fé, the Hotel Management and the all staff.

For the occasion, we invite you to discover the current Chef De Santis autumn menu at the Santa Elisabetta. In it, there is so much of his homeland, the Campania, and so much tradition of memory. Childhood dishes that lighten up, modernized in an encounter with Tuscan cuisine. A tribute from Rocco De Santis to Florence, his adopted city, a recognizable style between tradition and innovation.

The signature dish on the menu are the “Cappelletti pasta” …. I remember the Sunday: Cappelletti of buffalo ricotta cheese, intensity with Neapolitan ragout. An example-dish of what led the work of Rocco De Santis. The traditional Neapolitan ragout is emulsified, concentrated, and presented at the base of the dish as a mirror on which the pasta filled with ricotta cream cheese is placed, with a light basil pesto.

In the autumn menu of the Santa Elisabetta Restaurant, the dishes are a natural consequence of seasonality: it is the triumph of mushrooms, white truffle, hazelnuts, Jerusalem artichokes, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, game, sweetbreads, lamb, and pork. In addition to the ingredients, the consistencies and the concept of comfort also change in autumn the desire for hot, hearty and rich dishes increases. More meat dishes make their entry than fish dishes.

You can choose, as you like from the autumn menu “à la carte” or three tasting routes with the possibility of wine pairings:
Tasting menu with 9 courses (Chef Experience, at the Chef’s discretion, 179 Euro),
7 courses (Contaminations, 149 Euro),
5 courses (Traces of Innovation, 124 Euro).

Reservations available online with immediate confirmation.

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