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Negrita concert in Florence

December 2, 2011

The Negrita concert in Florence is the musical event scheduled in the evening of  Tuesday, January 31st, 2012. The musical show will be held at the Nelson Mandela Forum in Viale Paoli. The appointment is the first stage of the “Dannato vivere Arena Tour 2012”, which later will touch other important Italian squares. It is a unique opportunity for all lovers of Italian rock music which, in this way, they will attend the performance of a great Italian group, on the crest of a wave for several years. With the Negrita concert in Florence you will also have the opportunity to know more about a wonderful and fascinating city. The ideal place to enjoy a fabulous stay is the Brunelleschi, the 4-star Hotel, located in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, just fifteen minutes away from the theatre.

Discover the offers of the Brunelleschi Hotel for the Negrita concert in Florence

The Negrita concert in Florence marks the return on the stages of the Tuscan rock band active on national and international scene since 1991. The tour follows the birth of the eighth album, titled  “Dannato vivere”. The album was launched on October 25th, and it contains enthralling singles, such as “Brucerò per te”, transmitted continuously by all the radios. The show of the band will also permit to see live a dragging group, led by vocalist Paul Brown called “Pau”. Behind the scenes the team is assisted by a bigwig of Italian music, the producer Fabrizio Barbacci, also manager of Ligabue. The Negrita concert in Florence will also allow you to listen to famous hits from the past, those at the bottom of their history, as “Mama maè”, “In ogni atomo”, “Greta”, “Magnolia”, “Rotolando verso Sud” e “L’uomo sogna di volare”.

At the Brunelleschi for the Negrita concert in Florence

The Negrita concert in Florence is also ideal to treat yourself to a wonderful stay in the cradle of the Italian language. Along with the music show, you can come near to one of the most beautiful and exciting Italian scene. And the best choice to live up to all is represented by the Brunelleschi Hotel. This beautiful 4-star hotel is situated in the heart of the city, just few steps from major monuments. The richness of its offer will certainly leave you speechless. Hurry to discover our luxurious rooms, real examples of Italian design. They are a real leap into history without sacrificing all the comforts of modern life. In addition, the succulent regional and national cuisine of our chef will definitely catch you. Experience the Negrita concert in Florence with the Brunelleschi Hotel.

Treat yourself to the dream of the Negrita concert in Florence and the charm of the Brunelleschi Hotel!

Negrita concert in Florence

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