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Opera & Movie theatres in Florence: where art & entertainment meet

June 22, 2018
Opera Florence Italy

If you are spending some time in Florence, you might want to go for a different kind of holiday rather than the usual museum-sightseeing one. Take a dip into theatres and cinemas in town  

Spending some days in Florence is not only about long queues in front of museums and cathedrals. Even if those attractions are undoubtedly fascinating and full of majestic splendour, after several visits or during a longer holiday spent in town you might want to go for something different, more involving and entertaining.

So, you find yourself in a beautiful hotel in the centre of Florence and have non idea on where to go for a leisure moment of relax and fun, or you don’t know which place to choose for such a night out. This city has, in fact, an important cultural scene also concerning events and everyday entertainment. A wide choice of venues is available and is not difficult to find an event most suitable to your tastes. Here are some recommendations by Hotel Brunelleschi, in order to make of your time here an extremely pleasant and delightful experience.

Opera lovers, get ready

Florence is a rich city concerning culture and this comes directly from being the heart of important waves that made of it an eminent center through times. A rich panorama is available for opera-lovers, starting from the Florence Opera programme, with a wide choice for those who love Opera as well as prose theatre a ballet. You can find many interesting pièces and operettas also in the Verdi Theatre schedule.

Prose and theatre in the centre and outskirts

A city full of stages, Florence is the perfect spot for theatre lovers. Many small locations can be found in the outskirts of the old town: for example, innovative shows are played at the Lumière Theatre. Check out also the two oldest theatres in town: Niccolini and Della Pergola Theatres are buildings coming directly from the 17th century: besides being mesmerized through the acts of the plays or among the movements of a concert you will also be surrounded by an amazing and fascinating location.

Concerts and cinema

You will find in town many different cinemas, belonging to the major chains scattered in Italy. Many are located in the city centre, so they will be only a few steps from your hotel. If you prefer a more typical venue as a movie theatre, take a look at the small but very efficient Cinema di Castello: a bit in the outskirts but showing quality films and with an interesting offer.

And if you are into big events, check out the programme taking place at Nelson mandela Forum: big concerts and representations are always on in this wide venue.

The best location?

Most of these locations are located near the city centre or reachable in a short time. Then why not to delight yourself with a luxurious happy hour in a lovely location or sleep into one of our fascinating rooms? Hotel Brunelleschi is the perfect choice for you. We offer a wide range of services that will make your staying just unbelievable.

And if you are an entertainment-seeker, ask to our staff advice for the best happenings in Florence or keep updated on the latest news on our magazine’s section devoted to the best events in town.

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