A Royal era echoes in the soul of Palazzo Pitti

The Palazzo Pitti is one of the historic symbols of Florence, an old palace situated in the district of Oltrarno to discover and to visit absolutely while on holiday in Tuscany. The palace was built by the Pitti family in the second half of the XV century, eager to realize a building so beautiful as to inspire the envy of rivals, the Medici. The result is what we still today can admire in all its glory: a wonderful structure, introduced by a large square, amplified by the lovely Boboli Garden. Palazzo Pitti is a typical example of splendor, pageantry and princely atmospheres, made so by a classical Roman architectural style, the same that tourists will admire by passing the main entrance, the impressive Cortile dell’ Ammannati, and by coming to the staircase and to the main floor rooms.

Museums of Palazzo Pitti

Palazzo Pitti is now an integral part of the Polo Museale Fiorentino with six different centers of interest. The Palatine Gallery, visitable along with the Royal Apartments, contains a fantastic collection with works by Raffaello, Tiziano, Caravaggio, Rubens, Pietro da Cortona. The Gallery of Modern Art contains precious works from the late XVIII century and the First World War, from neoclassicism to romanticism, with a magnificent collection of the Macchiaioli. The Costume Gallery of Palazzo Pitti is one of the most important museums dedicated to the fashion world, with ancient and modern clothes, accessories and costumes, for a total of about six thousand pieces. The Museum of Porcelain has a great collection of porcelains, the finest in Europe, bought by Pietro Leopoldo and Ferdinando III.

Palazzo Pitti, where history is tinged with charm

Palazzo Pitti is just 1 km from the elegant and luxurious Brunelleschi Hotel, ideal for to enjoy the many wonders offered by this breathtaking palace, like those of the Tesoro dei Granduchi (or Silver Museum), an authentic jewel of “The Medici Treasury”, which contains a collection of priceless silver, cameos, works in semi-precious gemstones, intaglios, crystals, ambers and jewels.  Behind the structure there is the Boboli Garden, an extraordinary example of Italian garden, embellished by antique statues and of the Renaissance, caves and beautiful fountains, in a blaze of pretty shapes and dazzling colors. Today the whole complex of Palazzo Pitti is a point of reference for events and culture, thanks to the ongoing exhibitions and fashion shows organized inside.

Tickets Palazzo Pitti Museums

There are two types of ticket:

  • A ticket that includes entrance to the Palatine Gallery and Royal Apartments, and the Modern Art Gallery;
  • A ticket which includes the entrance to the Treasure of the Grand Dukes, the Museum of Fashion and Costume, the Boboli Gardens and the Porcelain Museum.

Ticket prices are shown in the museum’s site where it is also possible to buy them online by clicking here >>

During temporary exhibitions ticket prices expected an increase.

Every first Sunday of the month entrance is free to all museums listed above.

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