The Month's Recipe

“Panzanella” (or “panmolle”)

August 16, 2010


-1 kg day-old Tuscan bread
-2 red Tropea onions
-1 fresh cucumber
-1 bunch of radish
-3 celery stalks
-1 dozen cherry tomatoes
-½  lt. water
-200 ml balsamic vinegar
-2 spoonful Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil
-A bunch of fresh basil
-(at your choice, you can add pecorino cheese and tuna in olive oil)


Take the crust off and cut it into cubes (not too small), then cover with a cloth and let it rest in the fridge for one day.
Put water, salt and vinegar in a bowl and moisten the bread cubes quickly, then squeeze them  to obtain crumbles.

Chop the onions thinly and moisten it into water and vinegar for about half an hour to take some of its strong taste off; meanwhile chop the rest of the vegetables in small cubes and slice the cherry tomatoes

Let the onion dry and add it to the vegetables, then shred the vegetables and the crumbled bread in a salad bowl and season with salt, extra-virgin oil, pepper and basil.

At your choice, you can add tuna in olive oil, but you can’t miss the pecorino cheese cut in small petals.

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