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Pollock exhibition in Florence

April 7, 2014

There is so much curiosity for the Pollock exhibition in Florence “The figure of the beast”, an event in program from 15 April to 17 July at the Palazzo Vecchio. A project that has multiple interpretations, giving us the chance to admire some great works of the undisputed master of action painting, but it also allows you to define an interesting parallel with the art of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Because what the Pollock exhibition in Florence intend to do is to define a virtual comparison with the Renaissance genius, starting from the love of the American artist for the Italian and from the studies that carried on at a young age. A parallelism among styles, subjects, stories and completely different worlds, for an original result, which offers unexpected insights.

Pollock exhibition in Florence, when the art is furious

The Pollock exhibition in Florence named from the very essence of American art, impetuous and violent, with the artist undertook to realize his masterpieces moving, in fact, furiously around large canvases laid on the floor, as pervaded by a kind of spirit animal. But the reference also goes to the “fury of the figure”, a phrase mentioned in the ‘500 from the painter and theorist Lomazzo to describe the most grace and loveliness that could have a pictorial or sculptural figure. Features that are in the “Genius of Victory” by Michelangelo and in many paintings by Jackson Pollock. The Pollock exhibition in Florence allow us to admire six important drawings, paintings, engravings and works of the youth, all from private collections, from the Pollock Krasner Foundation or major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Pollock exhibition in Florence, give you unforgettable days

The Pollock exhibition in Florence wants to put together the formless Pollock with the unfinished by Michelangelo, the Renaissance classicism with the anti-form of the American artist. An event unique in its kind, a project as bold and experimental as fascinating and rich in food for thought, a must for anyone with a thirst for knowledge and culture. A perfect occasion also to visit the city by staying at the elegant and comfortable Hotel Brunelleschi, 4-star hotel located in the central Piazza Santa Elisabetta, a short distance from the Palazzo Vecchio. Comfort, ancient spirit and impeccable services help to make your holiday even more memorable.

Pollock exhibition in Florence, give yourself an extraordinary holiday

Pollock exhibition in Florence


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