Ponte Vecchio: the only bridge not bombed during the Second World War

Today we bring you to discover one of the city’s landmarks: Ponte Vecchio. The Hotel Brunelleschi, four stars in the historical centre of Florence, is a reference point for the city and its visitors. Just at a few steps away from the Uffizi Gallery and Piazza della Signoria, it is the ideal seat for business stays or for tourism. From Ponte Vecchio you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Arno River, or let you be seduced by the glittering windows of the Florentine gold artisans.

From Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria begins one kilometre of  pure architecture, known as the Vasari Corridor, which has its own term with Palazzo Pitti and it allowed the rulers to move faster from one building to another.

ponte vecchio

The splendour of the lines and the whole history of Florence is punctuated by the waters of the Arno River, which at its narrowest point is crossed by one of the symbols of the Tuscan city, the Ponte Vecchio.
Three large passes with a segmental arch, the Manelli Tower on one side and the Rossi – Cerchi on the other, two central terraces among which it fits the memorial bust of Benvenuto Cellini, the shops of goldsmiths and jewelers that animate it, they guaranteed to the bridge, still today, to be ranked as one of the first in the world for beauty, uniqueness and emotions transmitted.

Curiosity about Ponte Vecchio

  • Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge not to have been bombed by the Germans during the Second World War. We do not know why exactly, but many like to think that Hitler spared it because he was fascinated by it during his visit to Florence;
  • Before the goldsmith workshops and the construction of the Vasari Corridor the bridge housed shops of butchers and greengrocers that found ideal the location to throw the waste directly into the Arno;
  • Since its first construction, the bridge was destroyed several times by the flows of the river until in 1345 it was rebuilt with the system to low arches that allowed the debris carried by the floods to pass more easily;
  • Many lovers have tied the padlocks on the bridge and threw the key into it, as a symbol of eternal love (today, many of them have been removed and it is prohibited to chain locks).

ponte vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio and the Hotel Brunelleschi

The Hotel Brunelleschi is pleased to welcome you by ensuring an exciting stay in the heart of Florence, in its charming rooms and suites overlooking the beautiful Brunelleschi’s Dome and Giotto’s bell tower. It is located a few minute walk from Ponte Vecchio and it is easily reachable on foot through the streets of the historic centre of the city.

ponte vecchioWe wait for you to find out together the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence!

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