Eating and Drinking in Florence Italy

Restaurant Santa Elizabetta: a continuous, exclusive and precious search of salts and oils.

July 9, 2010

At the Restaurant Santa Elizabetta exclusiveness always involves all the details, even the smallest:

Some of our dishes from the à la carte menu  are portioned and served in the dining room, just in front of you: you will enjoy the preparation of the panzanella and of the Florentine beefsteak combined with special oil and salt.

The black sea salt of the Molokai island ( Hawaii islands), worked on by the isles’ artisans, is rich in mineral elements of volcanic lava and active coal (containing detoxifying properties) which are added to the salt during the desiccation. Used as a decorative and choreographic element of great effect, it is particularly special in the preparation of the poultry and of the grilled meats.

The Maldon salt, from England, is surely the most preferred by the best chefs all around the world. The Maldon salt’s most special and unique peculiarity  is how it looks: very thin flakes but at a closer look it has the shape of tiny pyramids, having a unique crunch indeed. And here comes the madness of the restaurant owners, especially in the person of Ferran Adria, who have found the fantastic combination of a tasty and crisp touch to give to their creations. As far as the flower of salt, and considering that the Maldon salt is a crystal, it doesn’t immediately melt in the mouth and therefore it interacts for a longer time with the food allowing the creation to gain notable special effects. In contrast, Maldon salt works very well on soft consistencies, and even on chocolate.

Try the combinations of Restaurant Santa Elizabetta’s original dishes!

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