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Roberto Benigni in Florence

May 25, 2012

Returns with all his overflowing load the hurricane Roberto Benigni in Florence once again with an appointment dedicated to the immortal Divine Comedy. The location chosen to host the exclusive event is the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce, which will be animated by the verve and the overwhelming passion of one of the greatest artists of national and international scene. Twelve captivating evenings will give the public the unique performance of Roberto Benigni in Florence engaged with the reading of twelve hellish cantos that will enrich the summer nights in Florence. The first event is scheduled for Friday, July 20, with the recitation and analysis of the eleventh cantos. The 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31 July and 2, 3, 5, and 6 August we will proceed in sequence, until the twenty-second canto of Dante’s Hell.

Roberto Benigni in Florence. An experience not to miss

The recitation of the Divine Comedy by Roberto Benigni in Florence gives the opportunity to participate in a cultural moment of great value, in which the actor of Castiglion Fiorentino will carry us into the belly of one of the most important works of Italian literary history. Thanks to his ability, Tuscan accent, love for a timeless masterpiece and respect for rhythm, assonance and enjambments, Roberto Benigni in Florence will give life to very poignant moments, through which we will appreciate and love further the masterpiece of Dante. There will, of course, the funniest sketches with biting sarcasm and reflections on the Italian political scene and the vices and virtues of Italy.

Roberto Benigni in Florence. The perfect way to discover the beauties of Tuscany

The Roberto Benigni’s show in Florence is ideal for plunging among the many masterpieces of the territory, admire the ancient monuments and learn about the works of great artists housed in palaces, museums and churches. In addition, the numerous events organized in the city, the relaxing atmosphere of Florence, the fun summer nights will allow you to live a dream experience. The event will be even more memorable by staying at the 4-star Hotel Brunelleschi, a perfect example of fusion between past and present. Built in the ancient Tower of Pagliazza, it is capable of giving pleasant surprises, thanks to the spectacular views from its rooms, which cast a glance towards the stunning Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Piazzetta del Giglio and Via dè Calzaiuoli. A perfect choice for enjoying the unmissable Roberto Benigni show in Florence.

Roberto Benigni in Florence. Poetry and romance for enchanting evenings

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