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Rose c’est Paris – Bettina Rheims et Serge Bramly

September 12, 2011

Rose, c’est Paris is a photographic exhibition created by renowned artist Bettina Rheims with the help of the writer Serge Bramly, which can be visited in the Alinari Museum of Photography in Florence at Piazza Santa Maria Novella, from September 15 to November 27. The work is organized in cooperation with Galerie Jérome de Noirmont Paris and it is composed of over ninety photographs structured into thematic sections, able to make Rose c’est Paris, a trip in the work of Rheims, through the creations of years ago, from Chambre close of 1991 to Shanghai in 2004.

Rose c’est Paris, between fable and magic

The participation of transalpine writer to Rose c’est Paris, contributes to upload photographs of mysterious charm able to portray a Paris wrapped in fantastic, inhabited by people over the top, in a scene never seen before for surrealism and imagination. Portraits of faces, famous or not, help to harmonize a bizarre and captivating story, from safe appeal against the public, called to confront with an highly original work stained with pure and visionary talent.

The world of Rose c’est Paris wins Florence

The special technique of Rose c’est Paris must be found in the extent of the project, conceived, designed and built as a multidisciplinary work, able to combine photos and videos in order to better penetrate the essence of the protagonists. And so, art direction and screenplay become a cornerstone of the entire machining of the draft background able to dialogue with the public through still and moving images. Rose c’est Paris is a completely innovative and experimental work, which ranks as a photographic exhibition interconnected to a real feature film.

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