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Superfood: taste the difference! Spirulina Gourmet Dining

February 27, 2019
Spirulina Gourmet Dining

Appointment for the dinner of Saturday 9 March at the Osteria Pagliazza with an event scheduled for “Fuori di Taste” at Pitti Taste Florence: Superfood: taste the difference! Spirulina Gourmet Dining.

On the occasion of the Florence exhibition dedicated to food and wine and lifestyle, Chef Rocco de Santis offers three special dishes in the Osteria Pagliazza menu exclusively for the dinner of Saturday 9 March. We recommend booking online, on the phone at 0039.055.27370 or via email at for dinner from 19.30 to 22.30.

Dinner in Florence

The dishes are made with spirulina alga by Severino Becagli, a super food with incredible nutritional properties.

Beef tartare, hazelnuts, goat and spirulina mayonnaise:
beef tartare accompanied by vegetable mayonnaise made with soy milk and corn oil with the addition of Spirulina. Lightness combines with notes of flavour and iodine, by creating a harmonious dish.
€ 18.00

Cappelletti with cheese and pepper, mussels and candied lemon:
the classic ravioli pasta meets Spirulina. Stuffed with Tuscan pecorino cheese, mussels with stew and candied lemon to give freshness and sweetness, precious as an emerald.
€ 18.00

Cremino with chocolate, matcha tea with spirulina ice cream:
Spirulina infusion with an ice cream base. Cold marine taste tending to sapid. With a disruptive effect, the sweet notes are lowered and the senses awaken. Served with a chocolate cream and a creamy green tea.
€ 10.00

Here you can find the Osteria Pagliazza menu, to which the dishes indicated above for the 9 March dinner will be added >

Spirulina Gourmet Dining

This year at Pitti Taste (Stazione Leopolda, 9-11 March 2019) the super food meets tradition, with a preview of the food products enriched with spirulina made in Tuscany by Severino Becagli from Grosseto.

See you at Osteria Pagliazza in Piazza Santa Elisabetta to taste the spirulina alga in the innovative dishes of Chef Rocco de Santis.

The Osteria is in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, nr. 3, on the ground floor of the Hotel Brunelleschi, in the enchanting location of the Torre della Pagliazza.

Spirulina Gourmet Dining

Spirulina Gourmet Dining

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