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Street art with Clet in Florence

July 3, 2014

Clet is a French artist who has been living in Italy for more than 18 years. He currently works in Florence, where he began to leave traces of his original art on the road signs of the city, which are still legible. They are particular stickers that he sticks to the road signs transforming them into true works of contemporary art.

The purpose of his provocative action is to give a message of freedom and unconventionality but it is also an invitation to reflect on the lack of interest of local institutions for contemporary art.
In addition to the road signs, in October 2010, he performed an unauthorized installation of one of his self-portrait in the gallery of Palazzo Vecchio, in the space left empty by a Bronzino’s work. Under the self-portrait there was an ironic inscription with his signature.
Moreover, the artist has realized important stage sets and works such as a statue on the bridge Alle Grazie or “il Nasone” of the Tower San Niccolò.

Why Clet choose road signs to express his art?
He himself said: “The man is feeling and fantasy while the signal represents the rule, something we must passively endure. The symbols that I affix enrich it with new meanings and make it more human a cold signal universally recognized”.

When you can see Clet Abraham working in Florence?
He usually goes into action on Friday afternoon…so if you are around the city, keep an eye on the road signs!

If you want to find him, the study of Clet is in Via dell’Olmo, 8 in Florence.


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