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The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio

May 12, 2014
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The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio offer to the public cultural opportunities not to miss, relaxing and pleasant moments, in contact with some of the most extraordinary beauties in the city. Until 30th September, the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio will be open from 09:00 am until midnight. The only exception is on Thursday, when the closing time is set for 14:00. But the evening opening of Palazzo Vecchio also extend to the fascinating Tower of Arnolfo, whose closing time is set for 21:00. Also in this case Thursdays are not included, because it is the day in which the Tower records the hours 09:00 to 14:00. We also remind you that for the Tower, the access is not permitted for children under the age of 6 years and it is suspended in case of rain.

The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio until 30 September

The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio will permit art lovers and not to visit until late in the evening one of the most interesting museums in the city. It is located in what is the quintessential symbol of citizen power and that currently houses the municipality. It is situated in the stunning Piazza della Signoria and welcomes guests with the creations of some of the greatest artists of all time, from Michelangelo, to Donatello, to Verrocchio. The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio will catapult us in the enchanting atmosphere of the Salone dei Cinquecento, brimming with paintings that make the idea of the rule of the Medici and statues made by Michelangelo. There are many works that will leave you breathless, among which “The Chapel of Eleonora” by Angiolo Bronzino and “La Giuditta” by Donatello.

The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio, for an alternative night

The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio also involve the Tower of Arnolfo, built in 1310 on the facade and realized in position slightly toward the south. Inside it we also find the Alberghetto, a place where the prisoners were kept. A place that, among others, also saw the passage of Savonarola and Cosimo the Elder. The evening openings represent extraordinary opportunities to learn about and visit cultural sites symbol of the city also in more comfortable and relaxed hours, perhaps taking advantage of the cool of the evening. An opportunity not to miss during your stay in the city, at the 4 star Hotel Brunelleschi in Piazza Santa Elisabetta, a few minutes’ walk from Piazza della Signoria.

The evening openings of Palazzo Vecchio, an encounter with the culture

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