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The fashion on display in Florence

June 29, 2012

Up to 8th October 2012, the fashion is on display in Florence: at the Stibbert Museum there is an exhibition of Giovanna Ferragamo, at the Horne Museum there are on display the fabrics of the Horne collection, and at the Bardini Museum there is an exhibition dedicated to designer Anna Casati. Three original exposures for a single journey into the discovery of the world of fashion: “Luxury and Fashion. Unusual paths in museums Bardini, Horne and Stibbert”. The Brunelleschi Hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring the three exhibitions dedicated to fashion in different corners of the city.

The luxury and fashion are on display in Florence

“A teenager in the fashion. Giovanna Ferragamo collections from the ’60s to the ’80s” at the Stibbert Museum is a tribute to Giovanna Ferragamo with twenty-two items that tell the story of a girl fifteen years old that only a year later was able to parade in New York and began her career in the fashion world. At the Horne Museum, you can admire the figured fabrics of the collection of Herbert Horne “Borders figured of the Renaissance in the collection” dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth century and attributed to Domenico Ghirlandaio, Bartolomeo Di Giovanni and Raffaellino Del Garbi. Finally, at the Bardini Museum, you can see the first collections of the refined Florentine designer Anna Casati, with the path “Anna Casati fashion in Florence 1952/1994, from the Roman holiday to the fabulous 80’ years”.

The fashion on display in Florence and the Hotel Brunelleschi

The Hotel Brunelleschi, a symbol of luxury and elegance, awaits you with its beautiful rooms and suites with views of Florence for a fashion holiday. You can visit the exhibitions in progress but, at the same time, take advantage of the privileged location near the main shopping streets, especially during the summer sales, to searching for deals on high fashion clothes. The hotel, completely renovated, is often required for photo shoots for fashion and it is also within walking distance from Piazza della Signoria, where is the Gucci Museum, another symbol of luxury in the splendour of the historic centre of Florence.

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The fashion on display in Florence


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